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Are your ducts sweating?

The question should be what is the relative humidity in my crawlspace?

Often the heating and air conditioning contractor is the first person the resident calls to deal with the problem. Typically though, the problem is not due to failure of the air conditioning system. It results from poor moisture control in the crawlspace and could be the reason your ducts are sweating. Here’s expert advise on solving the problem once and for all.

Some common causes of moisture build up and water sources in the crawlspace are:

Transfer of air and humidity through the fresh air vents into the crawlspace, poor drainage and improper grade away from the house, and also dryers venting into the crawlspace.

The symptoms of crawlspace moisture problems are:

Musty odors in the living area, sweating duct work, buckled floors, insect infestations, and mold.

Here’s what you can do to improve the situation.

Make sure the dryer is vented to the outside, reduce water volume from flower bed sprinklers – too much water goes into the crawlspace. Install polyethylene cover over the crawlspace ground or encapsulate and seal your crawlspace. Also have duct tightening performed on your duct system. However, in more humid climates like south Georgia, it is often very effective to install a whole house dehumidifier in your crawlspace to help remove moisture.

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