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Your home consists of an intricate system of various smaller systems and components that all add something to its performance. These include cooling and heating equipment, insulation, ductwork, and ventilation. Performance upgrades to any component must take into account the operation of other components of an HVAC system. At Parker’s Heating & Air Conditioning serving Americus, GA and the surrounding areas, we can check the performance of your home’s systems to ensure their optimum energy efficiency, comfort, and value. 

We also offer:

Duct Sealing

Improperly sealed air ducts increase the burden on your HVAC system, which causes higher energy bills and reduces your equipment’s service life. We offer duct sealing services that ensure your HVAC ducts are air tight and function with optimum efficiency.

Duct Leakage Testing

Supply air duct leakage prevents cooled or heated air from traveling where it needs to go in your home. Return air duct leakage adds load to your HVAC system and reduces the quality of your indoor air. The duct leakage testing service we offer finds the leaks in damaged and leaking air ducts, enabling us to provide air duct leak repair in the required areas. The cost to fix leaky air ducts will save you money on energy bills over the long term.

Blown-in Attic Insulation

With blown-in insulation, you can fill up every crevice of your attic, creating a highly effective layer of insulation that increases the energy efficiency of your home. We offer blown-in attic insulation services that blow-in the insulation over any existing insulation or in-between ceiling joists and walls without causing disturbance to any structures or components in the surrounding space. If you are looking for blown-in insulation near me, we have you covered.

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